31 December 2020

Hiking the Turaco Trail for Kidzcan Featured


The story of Mia Fletcher

It started when my Aunt was diagnosed with cancer. We were fortunate enough to have great medical care and we caught it early but as my grandpa had also died of cancer, it was a tough time for us as a family. There was not much I could do, being a child and my Mum took care of everything. I thought about kids that have no medical care or a family and I really took it into consideration. Usually, when it was time to collect money for Kidzcan, I would ask my Mum or Dad to donate and then take some from my pocket money; but this time I wanted to do more.

I did the Turaco trail for the Learning Knights Award Challenge at Ruzawi School so I asked people to sponsor me. It is a three night hike up and down Mount Inyangani. It was an amazing journey which I completed with my Mum, my best friend Emma and her Mum Nicky. It was full of tears, joy, anger and accomplishment. It was incredibly tough but I pushed through. My Mum helped me to send out a flyer to friends and family and it was a great success!

When I got back to school my Mum let me know the total of the money . It was a massive 1220 U.S.D! Way more than I had expected! But I wanted to do more. I made bath bombs, packaged them and then sold them to my teachers. They were popular and earned a fair amount of money. Altogether I made 1250 U.S.D. This is not much in the grand scheme of things, but imagine if every twelve year old raised that much! For my efforts I won the Jenny Calderwood Shield for the best Kidzcan supporter at Ruzawi 2020. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated and encourage others to do the same. Cancer is a hard battle which is difficult to win so let’s give these kids a fighting chance! Remember every cent counts.


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Lets work together for child cancer in Zimbabwe

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